- Janet N.  Beaver Island, MI

"My experience was transformational, 

thorough and engaging. I acquired a lot of hands on experience to bring it all together. I learned A LOT!" 


We partner with leading Universities, NGO's, businesses and government

to research permaculture solutions for ecology,

economy and education. 




  Chiwara specializes in the  integration of permaculture  education into K-12 schools,

 colleges, and Universities. We

 can help your school develop  custom permaculture education  curriculum and alignment tables.

Home, farm, school or business, we are leaders in working with clients to develop permaculture resiliency plans and adaptation projects. Our expertise will save you energy, money and time.


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the Permanalysis - one on one education and site planning 

Your most valuable resource is time. We specialize in home 

and farm resiliency planning for food, energy, water, building, transportation and waste solutions. Let us help you create a

long term success strategy that's integrated with nature, 

towards more freedom, health, money and time. 

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