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An L3C is a low-profit, limited liability company - a hybrid between a non-profit organization and a traditional LLC. L3C's are categorized as social impact organizations that have a stated goal of performing a socially beneficial purpose, not maximizing profit. Chiwara is proud to serve Michigan as a social impact company partnering with many outstanding community organizations and institutions. We practice triple bottom-line business ethics, incorporating people and planet in all decisions we make. This aligns with the 3 ethics of permaculture: planet care, people care, and fair share.


Chiwara comes from the country of Mali, and loosely translated means “working wild animal.” The Bamana people honor Chiwara as a creator being of farming, community and celebration. Chiwara is often depicted as a working Lion or Antelope, and the Chiwara associations of Mali are amongst the oldest farming guilds in the world.

As related to Permaculture, the Bamana people incorporate a unique artistic duality into their daily life. This duality manifests as the words “Jayan” and “Jago”, which when translated mean “structure” and “spice.” Jayan (structure) refers to the sharp lined, human made squares and grids that have come to surround us in boxy buildings and straight roads, while Jago (spice) depicts the indigenous and nature based curves, arcs and spirals created by earthly energies, as well as those working in the flow of natural patterns and rhythms.

​With Permaculture, we design solutions that allow for the re-integration of humanity with nature, by watching and mimicking Mother Earth’s patterns and systems. At Chiwara Permaculture, our goal is assisting communities in this great transition back to ecological principles and ethics, all while adding as much spice (Jago) as possible. We believe this undertaking is cause for celebration wherever we go.

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